Monday, November 21, 2005

The Sunborn by Gregory Benford

I look forward to the conclusion as this book is to short, ending way to soon. This continues the characters from The Martian Race with humans off to Pluto and finding life there. I do not want to say much more and chance spoiling anything for the reader. I can understand why some found it less than enthralling but I found the ideas, aliens and storyline drew me in, pulled me along and left me wanting the next book now. So if you want a hard SF to enjoy give this a try.

Into the Looking Glass and Ghost by John Ringo


First big disappointment was that it IS NOT SF. It is action/adventure/military fiction. Second big disappointment is IT IS Jingoistic – ad nauseam. Either Mr., Ringo is a BIG George Bush fan or an incredible ass-kisser. Unfortunately Mr. Ringo demonstrates subtlety on par with using a nuclear weapon instead of a fly swatter when dealing with an annoying flying insect. I hung in until Rambo, ooops, I mean the hero, had dealt with those evil arabs. At which point my stamach could take no more and I stopped reading. The only redeeming thing about this experience is that it was a library book and I had not wasted my own book buying dollars.

Into the Looking Glass

This is SF and while it is also clear from the writing that Mr. Ringo is a Bush fan, at least in this novel it does not exceed the level of using an M1 tank to crush the aforementioned fly. It also has the advantage of an interesting idea, aliens and happenings. The story moves briskly along in solid ‘space opera’ fashion resulting in a fun read. So this one gets recommended to fans seeking a light, fast paced space opera read.