Monday, February 20, 2006

King's Own by Lorna Freeman

This is the direct sequel to the 1st book of the Borderlands Covenants and is every bit as well written a great read as the first. I like that she continues to introduce interesting characters to interact with the central character, Rabbit. This story is involving and contains a surprise twist which opens up the end of the book to very interesting possibilities for the next novel(s) in this saga of the Borderlands.

The story is set in Freston and spans just a few days – a few very eventful days. My only criticism is the jarring off-key notes of the early interaction between Rabbit and Commander Thado which seemed total out of place, especially as not explanation was given for these interactions. The plot is such that you are kept unsure/unknowing of what is truly going on onto the author chooses to reveal it to us – very nicely done.

I read that books 3 & 4 have been sold and I wait as impatiently for book 3 as I had waited for the second novel. This was a fun read with an ending that opened some very interesting possibilities for the future storyline. I truly look forward to see where the author takes us, her characters and the story.


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