Thursday, September 22, 2005

Trading in Danger / Marque and Reprisal by Elizabeth Moon

These are the first two books in a new space opera series by Elizabeth Moon. I had purchased Trading in Danger when it came out but had managed to read it. however with Marque and Reprisal coming out in paperback I thought I had better see if I needed to buy a copy of the second book. Plus I was in the mood for a little Space Opera. I bought the second book before I had finished reading the first because it was clear that the story was enjoyable enough that I would want to see what developed in the second. And yes, I will be reading the third book due out at the end of March of 2006.
I did have a few issues, some points were the situation seemed to be contrived by the author in order to set up things. But I acknowledge that these points could also be woven back into future storyline as plot points. It is just that with no resolution or development towards resolution in the first novel they kind of hang out there ..... well unresolved and a tad annoying. Still I Ms Moon has (or had) mapped out a storyline that spanned several books these kind of issues can be overlooked as she would know it was going to be resolved. and sometimes the internal dialogue of the heroine gets a tad annoying / tiresome.
But all in all I enjoyed the new character and the story is developing in interesting directions. As stated I am looking forward to the next book. So, if you want a little Opera in your Space these are worth the read.