Thursday, March 30, 2006

sEEkEr by Jack McDevitt

A GrEaT read. The question is: should it be called science fiction or mystery?

This is the next search for antiquities by Alex and Chase following the story set out in Polaris. This is a mixture of mystery and science fiction, with both elements contributing to a blend that makes for a better story. I do not want to say much about the plot because following the twists and turns the plot takes is one of the things that makes this such a good and compelling read. The reader never knows what kind of turn is coming or where, in the Milky Way, the story will lead.

McDevitt has constructed a masterful blend of mystery and science fiction. He takes advantage of the science fiction elements to construct a most fascinating mystery story. In fact, to be as interesting a mystery story as it is, it needs to be a science fiction story as well. The story is well thought out which results in the book being well plotted and placed. McDevitt is an established and experience writer and this is clearly reflected in the prose of the novel. The story flows along and carries the reader with it. I need to mention that although this novel is about characters we know from previous novels you do not need to have read any of the other novels about these characters – another reflection of McDevitt’s experience and polish as a writer. Be warned: if you have not read any of the previous novels about these characters, you will be hunting down those novels to read as soon as you finish this novel.

You like Mysteries? You like Science Fiction? Fans of either or both of these genres will enjoy this Novel. I have read and enjoyed all of McDevitt’s novels, but I must admit that after reading this I hope that he plans to revisit Alex and Chase. OK, I cannot resist one plot statement, the final twist was truly a surprise and unexpected. Read this novel.


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