Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Migration: Species Imperative #2 by
Julie E. Czerneda

In reviewing the first novel in this series “Survival” I saluted Ms. Czernedas’ aliens and their alien biology. The aliens in this second novel are just as interesting, from both a biological and a character standpoint. Fascinating is not to strong a word to use about here aliens. The writing itself is impressive. I would not use grabbing you by the throat and dragging you along, but rather the image of a (salmon) river where the flow of the current carries you along by the power of the (water) flow.

I really do not want to say anything about the story and chance denying the reader the chance to enjoy the twists, turns and surprises the story and characters take. I will say: very interesting and entertaining.

My only real complaint about the novel is that it is to short and I am left (once again) waiting for the next novel.


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