Saturday, October 02, 2004

Tinker by Wen Spencer

Spencer can Write!

European Elves, Japanese Oni, the city of Pittsburgh spending 1 day a month on earth and 30 days on the world of Faerie, and an eighteen year old girl who makes Eienstein look mentally challenged. These are the elements that Ms. Spencer weaves into a highly entertaining tale.Tinker is an inventive genius, born ten years after her father died, who has spent all of her eighteen year growing up in this strange/familiar city of Pittsburgh. Brilliant, inventive and brave it develops that she is the pivot upon which the fate of worlds turns. These elements could have been put together into a terrible book. But Wen Spencer's superb writing turns them into a wonderful romp. The only disappointment was that the story ends far to soon. One can only hope that Ms. Spencer plans to revisit Tinker at some time in the future. Read this book. Then if you have not read her first three books, get your paws on them and read them


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